Future Quest tailors our approach and the tools we use to fit with each of the organizations we work with.  Every organization, as with every individual, has its own unique vision, goals and aspirations and will require a different path to achieve the outcomes it wishes to achieve.

We always co-create our approach to act co-operatively and effectively to bring about positive benefits.

Future Quest uses a participatory, people-centered approach whenever possible.  This approach requires that participation and collaboration of all of those involved in the development, implementation and outcomes of each project.

Our approach is always collaborative and solution-focused.


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Wayne is a skilled facilitator and did a great job in directing and focusing us in our analysis of where and who we are as an organization, where and who we want to be in the future -- and how to get there! Overall, we evaluated our planning session with Wayne as extremely informative, enlightening and productive -- and well worth our time. Our board is very confident in recommending Wayne's specialized consulting services to any profits or non-profits that recognize the need to understand and strengthen their organization's governance.”

Pat Vogt, President,
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I have had the opportunity to work with Wayne on several occasions in the past and have seen huge benefit in his strategic consulting expertise. Wayne’s experience and knowledge in the realm were instrumental in delivering the value we expected and the results we were looking for. Hire Future Quest Consulting for your strategic consulting needs now – and – thank me later.
Gord Moker, Safe Saskatchewan
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Wayne is a strong leader who can be counted on to produce results. He is highly motivated and loyal to his friends and employees. He works well with all types of people and draws upon the strengths of those around him through caring, concern and insight into the needs of the groups and individuals he is working with. Wayne builds positive relationships and encourages people to work together.
Klara Kesmarky Miller, Gymnastics Saskatchewan
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I’ve now had Wayne lead development of four strategic plans for three different organizations I’ve been involved with. In every case he delivered incredible results in a timely and engaging way at a very reasonable cost. I would hire him again in an instant.
Mark Cooper, SUMA
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